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In Memory of Jim Kurrasch

Jim Kurrasch
Photo courtesy of Jim Gilbert

In fond memory of Jim Kurrasch. Jim passed away on the 8th of September 2003 after hard fought battle with heart disease. He will be greatly missed. .

Jim had been collecting Japanese Swords since 1978. His studies included two of Sensei John Yumoto's Sword Study Trips to Japan (1983 and 1985), one on his own in 1987, and one with a small group from the Nanka Token Kai in 1996. Jim had worked in the 'Judges Room' of 3 Shinsa's (Sword Appraisals by Experts from Japan, San Francisco - 1987, LA - 1989 and 1993) and once in a less important position (LA - 1984). 
Jim was the President and Editor for the  Southern California Sword club, namely the Nanka Token Kai.

The following are articles that were writen by Jim for his website and for the Nanka Token Kai newsletters. Although Jim's original website has long been taken down, the information it contained until recently had still been available on some Internet archive sites. To my dismay I have found that now some of this archived information has also been lost as well. In an effort to preserve Jim's research and articles I have reproduced the most important ones here. If anyone in the nihonto community has copies of the lost information in any form I would appreciate you contact me so it can be reinstated. 

I did not personally meet Jim while he was alive but had many email discussions (some heated) with him and have always been sad that he passed before we had a chance to meet.   R.I.P. Jim, may your legacy live forever. 

Adrian Schlemmer   

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c) Buying and Selling Japanese Swords

d) Hints and Tips 

e) Kantei is Easy

f) Kanzan ‘shigata Scrolls 

h) Questions and Answers

i) So-Den Bizen, or Hard to Kantei

j) Index to the Yushu Saku Blades of the NTHK

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