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Welcome to the website for the Sydney Token Kai study group

We are a small but enthusiastic group of collectors of Nihonto (Japanese swords ) and associated antique Japanese arts based in Sydney Australia. Our focus is on education, stimulation and preservation. To this end we have from time to time social events, casual meetings and arrange for overseas experts and lecturers to come to Sydney and present for our group and for other like minded collectors. In 2009 and again in 2011, the Sydney Token Kai organised a NTHK Shinsa and Japanese sword display and Taikai. The NTHK Shinsa features a team of experts from Japan who  evaluate over two days any Japanese sword blades (Nihontô) , the fittings that the blade fits into (Koshirae), and the small individual metal fittings (Kodogu) that make up the Koshirae.

It had been planned to hold another Shinsa in Australia for 2016. Unfortunately both the NTHK and the NTHK NPO now require a minimum of 300 items submitted for Shinsa before they can send a team. The requirement is that any shortfall in numbers of items submitted is paid for by the organiser. In the past we had been able to meet these requirements with Adrian Schlemmer guaranteeing the minimum numbers from his own collection. To hold another Shinsa we will need to find another guarantor for minimum numbers and at this time we do not have the opportunity to hold another Shinsa for the forseeable future.


Date: 2nd May 2015

Time: 1p.m.

Place: Goldsborough Hotel Meeting Room, 243 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont. NSW 2009

Topic: "Learning Kantei" , 3 swords will be available for Kantei and we will have a step by step open book kantei session. As usual show and tell pieces for sharing. Our room is only suitable for up to 12 people so you will need to contact me to confirm your attendance beforehand. ph: 0416016487

The Sydney Token Kai is committed to continuing our efforts to provide an avenue for Australian collectors of Nihonto to seriously study. If you would like to attend a forthcomming meeting or have any questions regarding our group, please feel free to contact us, or by phone 0416016487

Sydney Token Kai